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Power Washer Deck Cleaner Attachment

This attachment provides great value and easy installation with no steps! It removes dirt, dust and debris from your power washer easily and quickly. The attachment comes with a 12 surface cleanerer attachment handle.

Power Washer Deck Cleaner Attachment Amazon

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Best Power Washer Deck Cleaner Attachment

This powerful deck cleaner attachment for a gas pressure washer can help to clean areas up to 15 inches deep. It has a unique driveway patios and pool deckfection. this powerful deck cleaner attachment will clean all the wood on the deck in minutes! It has a 16 3000 psi pressure and is built to work with the power of a powerful engine. this power washer deck cleaner attachment is designed to make cleaning surfaces easier and faster. The attachment features a pressure washer effect on the floor that can be used to clean decks, porch, and other unpaved surfaces. The attachment is also adjustable to 3, 100 psi gas blowtorch standard. the power washer deck cleaner attachment is a great way to keep your deck clean and organized. It attaches to the spray arm of the spray shop and can be used to clean the surface above the deck. The attachment works great for clearing up thick layers of film, dust and debris.