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Ryobi Power Washer Extension Wand

This powerful Extension Wand for the long reach 18 ft, water treatment plant is 4200 psi rating and can scrub get rid of passages and piles of water.

Ryobi Power Washer Extension

Rybi's power Washer is an unique pressure Washer Extension Wand that can be used with electric power washers, this Wand helps extend the life of these devices by providing better performance and superior leaked water. It is essential for an individual who wants to clean a washing machine or pressure Washer with electric power, the Ryobi 18 foot power Washer Extension Wand is a practical alternative to add a bit of style and functionality to your washing machine. This Wand is adjustable to a variety of depths and can be used with or without the lightweight attachment unit, the Wand also includes a pressure Washer feature which makes washers more susceptible to com into contact with water, making it an ideal tool for people who itch to Washer in large areas at once. The Ryobi pressure Washer Extension pole is a top-rated choice to keep your home or office pressure Washer searching good no matter the situation, this pole is adjustable to inclination and can be placed anywhere in your home or office. The telescoping lightweight design makes it uncomplicated to handle, and the adjustable height and angle makes it peerless for any position, the Washer Extension Wand with spray nozzle tips is fantastic for use with any Ryobi power washer. This Wand comes with a pressure Washer gun 4000 psi power Washer Extension Wand with integrated spray nozzles and tips, it can Washer capacity is expandable to up to 6 washers with this Extension wand. The Washer Extension Wand with streaming technology is dandy for use in a streaming washer, this Wand will keep biz while cleaning.