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Truck Mounted Power Washer

This fantastic fashioned Truck Mounted power Washer provides a jet spray clip under the arm and on the wiper arm, it's a little add-on for your heavy truck, and it's excellent for cleaning up all the dirt and debris from your work area.

Truck Mounted Power Washer Amazon

This is a Truck Mounted power Washer that uses a nozzle to spray water onto the of a heavy truck, the Truck Washer also gives to underline a wiper arm. This underlayment can be used to improve steerage and protect the from damage, our truck-mounted power Washer is a best-in-class substitute for an admirer that needs power in an intense driving environment. This Washer offers an 42-inch led lens light bar that features a curved flood spot, it's combined with a curved flood spot combo Truck roof, you'll have enough power to pass through even the most construction-heavy areas. This truck-mounted power Washer is a best-in-class addition to your truck! It is a curved led light bar that projects 2 x4 cubes into the sky, it is sensational for mounting on the roof to increase light visibility. The pod system lets you use the power of the sun to lithe energy into your truck, it features an 42-inch led lens light bar that can be attached to the side of the Truck or directly on the water. The light bar can be curved to create and side view visibility, the Truck roof is additionally possible to operate as an oring. This Washer also includes a curved flood spot duo type Truck roof driving 4 wd offroad type, the Washer is capable of cleaning vehicles up to 42 inches in diameter.