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Workhorse Power Washer

Workhorse power is a high-pressure power Washer that sprays water onto your clothes with a water gun, you can use the nozzles to water-ampwhat items with your clothing. The hoses for the water gun and the spray of water will clean your clothes quickly and easily.

Best Workhorse Power Washer

The Workhorse power Washer and water spray gun is a high pressure Washer that uses low wattage water spray guns to do the high pressure Washer main job, the Washer also extends a flexible hose that makes it top-of-the-heap for doing water damage or repairs. This Workhorse power Washer is enticing for water-based products and products that need to be mixed or mixed with water, it features an 12-inch nozzles for high pressure water applications and is able to water spray with the use of a high power nozzle. Additionally, the flexible hose allows for quick and uncomplicated installation without having to line up the nozzle and hose with the product, this Workhorse power Washer is a high pressure water spray gun that uses nozzles to create a powerful spray. The Washer can spray up to 000 square feet of water per minute, which makes it sensational for cleaning multiple injure areas at once, the high power water spray gun is in like manner water-resistant and self-cleaning. This Workhorse power Washer spray extends a high pressure that can clean tight spaces in a hurry, it presents a nozzle that can reach high places, and the water hose offers a wand accessory. Plus, the high pressure and water resistant technology means that you can use it in your home or office.