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Industrial Power Washer

The Industrial power Washer pump offers an amazing 38 npt thermal relief valve that makes it terrific for any Washer power application, this makes it an ideal alternative for use in pressure washers, ballard holden washers, and more.

Power Washers On

The giant 48 stainless steel power pressure Washer wand with 12 adjustable grip is a splendid tool for power washers, with 12 adjustable grip settings, this Washer can handle largemouth and class 3 washing machines with ease. Plus, the large capacity and easy-to-use controls make it basic to get the job done, this Industrial power Washer is an outstanding way for lovers who need a power washing or hot watering job. The coupler fitting will help to reducer the power needed to move the water and steam due to the 6000 psi pressure, this Washer can hot and cold the brass coupler fitting will make it effortless to get the water and steam to your job without having to add any heat or cold water, the Industrial power Washer is a powerful Washer that is puissant for hard-to-reach work in industries and other large areas. The Washer can handle up to 80 degrees of power, making it a top-notch alternative for this purpose, the 6-7057 0-80 deg multi-regulator nozzle power Washer is a fantastic surrogate for a shopper searching for a Washer that can handle even the most challenging tasks. The Washer presents an 6000 psi turbo laser nozzles and a hot cold water power pressure Washer rotating design.