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Powerstroke Power Washer 3100

This powerful, easy-to-use charger for the powerstroke 3100 psi 2, 4 gpm Washer is valuable for when you need an outlet. It lets you power up your Washer while you work, so you can stay organized and have everything where you want it.

Powerstroke Power Washer 3100 Walmart

This is a powerstroke power Washer 3100 psi that is compatible with the subaru it grants an 4-in-1 power power available to the user making it an ideal tool for cleaning tight spots, the system ensures even wash and water delivery which makes it an ideal tool for multiple tasks. This powerful, upgraded powerstroke is superb for any water-based project, with an on-board pump and checkpoint system, this can handle even the most challenging water tasks with ease. The top-of-the-line can handle up to 000 psi of power and features a checkpoint system to ensure accuracy, the features a high-quality, stainless steel housing with a temperature range of 25-300 degrees fahrenheit. Lastly, the features a built-inreset system that makes it facile to get the most out of your powerstroke this 5-in-1 spray nozzle from the powerstroke line fits the powerstroke a pressure washer, it is quick connect and renders 14 quick connect points making it terrific for multiple applications. This spooky wanting wand is based on the powerstroke model and works with all power washers, with its variety of nozzles and tips, it's excellent for all types of creek water. The wand is further collapsible for basic storage, and it's got a built-in function key for quick job haste.