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Snap On Electric Power Washer

Snap On Electric power Washer is a terrific tool for lovers who yearn to clean their homes with steam and hot steam, this Washer offers an 1300 watt power Washer that can clean carpets, flooring, and other areas of the home. The hand steamer tool is designed to quickly, additionally, the tool can hot steam washers for a greater cleaning effort.

Snap-on Power Washer

This Electric hot steam mop offers an 1300 watt power Washer and a hand steamer tool to clean your floor, it also extends an Electric floor steamer to clean the upholstery. This tool is first-rate for cleaning up your floor before painting or remodeling, the Snap On power Washer is a powerful Electric cleaner that comes with a hot steam mop floor carpet 1300 watt power washer. It as well a hand steamer tool that can clean tight spaces and areas up to includ 2'x2'x2'', the Snap On power Washer is compatible with all machines, including the popular Snap On power steamer and the Snap On heat gun. This Electric power Washer is a first-rate substitute for individuals who are scouring for a tool to clean their home quickly and efficiently, the Washer can handle 2000 psi of pressure and the Washer gives a steamer arm that can reach up to 13 feet of carpet. It also offers a built in floor mop that works with water or milk and comes with a cartier code, it also renders a Snap On power Washer feature which makes it uncomplicated to clean.