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Stanley Power Washer

Stanley 2, 3 gpm 2800 psi gas power portable high pressure Washer cleaner new is a powerful Washer that can clean both clothes and dryers. It presents a high performance rate and can clean clothes up to 2, 3 gpm in 2800 psi pressure. It is conjointly non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Stanley Power Washer Parts

The Stanley power Washer parts are for the Stanley 2200 and 2200 t models, they come with various accessories such as batteries, filters, and parts manila. Stanley power cord for Stanley portable pressure washer, it is a long cable with an u shaped connector at the end that allows you to adopt this cable to wash clothes either with or without water. The u shape makes it uncomplicated to identity the end of the cable in case of doubt, the Stanley power cord for Stanley portable pressure Washer is a quality product that is sure to make your cleaning efforts a lot easier. The Stanley power Washer is an 16 psi surface cleaner that can be used on both the undercarriage and rv boat side of the undercarriage, the Washer is able to clean away any type of dirt, sand, and noise. The undercarriage pressure Washer is able to clean away any type of dust, pollen, and noise, stanley's power Washer is a reliable and efficient machine that is superb for the home or office. If you have any other Stanley machines in your home, we would be happy to sell you a new one! The handle for your Stanley power Washer is a sterling addition to your machine, and we are confident that you will use it for years to come.