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Hd Power Washer

Introducing the perfect solution for your hd2600dk and hd2400hb water cannons! The hdxpower washer and water pump provides reliable pressure washers and water cannons with high-quality water at the best prices in the market. Order your karroher water cannon today and see the difference!

1400 Psi Power Washer

The sinkless power washer has a water temperature of 24 degrees celsius and a power usage of about 18 gallons of water per minute. the washer is designed to wash clothes at a power usage of 1400 psi. the sinkless power washer can wash clothes at a power usage of 1400 psi.

Power Washer 1400

This is a power washer that uses the 4000 psi pressure wash system. It is a medium size washer with a large water pump. The washer is designed for use in high-pressure washing. this is a high performance water pump that helps with 3000 psi power. The hd3500 g hd3600 dh water pump is perfect for karcher water watches. This pump can keep time with ease because it features a power pressure vessel. the 1400 power washer is designed for karcher hd2600dk, k2400hb, k2401hh watermakers. It uses 3000 psi power andressor pressure washer water pump. the hd3500 g and hd3600 dh have apressure washer capacity of 3700 psi and vrt3 for karcher. This washer offers a power rating of 3700 psi and works with the karcher hd3500 g and hd3600 dh.